Are you planning a thrilling trip with your beloved pets? Traveling with pets comprises numerous restrictions, and procuring their safety also rests as a concern. 

Here’s a detailed guide to navigating you across the pet transport process in India. Learn about its documentation, steps, limitations, and restrictions to relocate them quickly!

It can be stressful to carry along with pets in regular public transport modes. Here, the transport services play a significant part in relocating them from one place to another. A reliable and professional pet transport service from major cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai or any other can ensure seamless pet travel.

There are a myriad of factors ghosting pet parents when they decide to transport their furry friends through a dedicated service. Getting a detailed knack of factors to consider prior to the pet relocation and simplifying the process. So, let’s get started!

Things to Consider Before Hiring the Pet Transport Service in India

  1. Plan a Consultation

Shortlist the leading pet transport service providers in India and schedule a consultation with them to understand the process. Share with them your requirements and all essential details about your canine/kitten, along with their health conditions or allergies, if any. Addressing the concerns can enable them to take special care of your pets.

  1. Detailed Documentation

Pet travel is a task of utmost responsibility, and the transporters require a list of documents to ensure safe pet relocation. It includes crucial documents such as health certificates, vaccination records and any other special permits.
You can also consult the veterinarian to confirm your sound health for hassle-free travel. Discussing the cost-efficacy of transport with the service providers can also enable you to find ways for affordable solutions.

  1. Ensure Comfortable Travel for Pets

Figuring out the list of convenient pet transport options can help you figure out the most suitable alternative, depending on the destination. You can discuss with the pet transport service about the feasible ground or pet transport as per the requirements.

Verify the policies or regulations related to pet relocation along with restrictions relevant to the specific pet breeds or sizes. It is ideal to confirm with the transport service providers about the security, safety, ventilation and space movement of your pets. Fixing up the pickup and departure point is also essential.

Significance of Choosing Pet Relocation Services in India

Pet owners looking for a pet relocation due to reasons like job transfer, house movement, or new job opportunities need a reliable source for the same. Hiring a professional pet transport service is an ideal way to ensure stress-free pet transportation to the place of your choice.

Points to Ponder Before Fixing the Pet Transport Service

  • Affordability: Fix up your budget for pet relocation and search out for companies that assure you uncompromised services at the best prices.
  • Experience: Professional and experienced pet relocation experts have a record of years in this field. They can cater to distinct types of pet and transportation requirements.
  • Accreditation and Licensing: Opt for the pet transport firm that holds the required licenses and permits for relocating pets within India and even abroad.
  • Range of Services: Choose the transport service company offering multiple relevant services, starting from documentation assistance, veterinary care on-board and appropriate pet handling while in transit.
  • Customer Feedback: Go through the testimonials and customer reviews from their past records to delve into their reliability and customer attention.

Are you thinking of taking your furry friends along in the journey? Catch up on important details below. 

Norms to Travel with Dogs on Indian Trains

If you are thinking of taking along the canine friend on the train for a journey, here’s all you must know:

  • Book tickets in first class AC with one birth for the dog.
  • Additional luggage charges are levied depending on the dog’s weight
  • If First Class AC is a pricey alternative, a Brake van is the substitute available.
  • It is a van with a dedicated cage for the dog by paying the required luggage charges.
  • Intending the luggage department a day prior to your journey and getting tickets for the pet is advisable.

If fellow passengers report any issues with your pet accompanying them in the first class AC, the dog is transferred to the brake van cage. This is usually an uncomfortable space for your furry friend as there’s constrained space for them to move around, and there needs to be provision for their food or water.

Besides, carrying along their vaccination records, a ‘fit to travel’ certificate, and document photocopies, including ID proof or ticket, is essential for the travel.

Norms to Air Travel with Pets in India

Making reservations with a reputable airline and following correct procedures can ensure the safe transportation of your pets through air mode. Here are the norms related to this.

  • Airline selection is subject to your budget, availability and pet relocation rules and policies.
  • Air India does not accommodate pets in the cargo holds.
  • Pet owners can accompany pets in the dedicated cabin, but only one pet is allowed with one passenger.
  • The flying captain decides whether the pet can be permitted to go to the cabin.
  • Reputed airlines like Jet Airways charge Rs.5,000/crate for pets weighing up to 25 Kg.
  • It includes limitations like only IATA-approved crates are allowed, pet owners need to reach the airport at least 3 hours prior to the flight and payment is accepted only after examining the crate and looking at the veterinary certificate. 
  • Pets need to go through the X-ray, which might be a distressing process.

Passengers need to diligently follow the stringent pet-related airline policies and complete all vital documentation processes. This can ensure a secure travel experience for your pets. 

Pre-Requisites of Pet Transport Sevice in India

If you wish to save yourself and your pet from the tedious public transport hassle and norms stated above, hiring a reliable pet transport service is an ideal option. 

These authentic service providers simplify pet travel by offering a range of services right from documentation assistance, transportation, and crate provision and ensuring completion of legal formalities for pet travel. Their top benefits include:

  • Well-arranged and comfortable travel for your pets as they hold years of experience in pet relocation.
  • They prioritize several safety measures for your pets, such as adequate ventilation, convenient crates and adhering to various travel regulations.
  • Tailored pet care services prove helpful in coping with pet requirements, meeting their meal schedule and providing comfort items for your pets across the transit.
  • Pet transport service providers aid you with the documents required for the transit and schedule health check-ups to ensure the safety of pets during the journey.

It’s a Wrap- Ensure Comfortable Travel with the Best Pet Transport Service

Whether you are planning a travel trip for the permanent shift to any location within India, hiring the best pet transport service is a viable option. The dedicated squad of experts can handle your pets with utmost affection while adhering to the pet relocation procedures.

They make no compromises in the safety and comfort of your pets during the journey, and pet parents can be rest assured until they reach the destination. Personalized care and a stress-free journey of furry companions with a compassionate team of expert pet caretakers result in seamless relocation across India!

Revert us with any of your doubts or queries related to the local transport of pets within the country. Come back here for more such blogs and guides on pet care and lifestyle.