Hitting your brains for ways to keep your pup engaged inside during cold days? 

While it’s harsh wind and cold weather outside, taking the tender pup outside for a walk can be troublesome. So, here’s a quick guide on how to schedule their activities with a fun quotient to it.

Winter Wonderland is truly a treat to watch from home, especially in regions that snow! After a tiring day at work, taking dogs out for the activity in freezing cold temperatures might be tedious. So, how do they rescue their boredom and prevent their snaggy mood? 

Indulging them into some fun indoor games is an interesting way to keep them occupied. It’s a great way to tire them and revive their energy levels without stepping out!

Why Do Dogs Need Physical Activities?

Dogs are high in energy levels, and engaging in exercise or games results in their mental stimulation. It is otherwise possible with their outdoor activities. Bonding with those pups is possible once you identify games that match their instincts. It equips them with a distinct level of happiness and achievement.

We have enlisted several indoor games to drill your dog’s energy, make their mind sharper and enhance energy levels. Occupying them with a certain type of activity is a fun thing to do. So, let’s explore a few easy-to-play game options here.

Interesting Indoor Games to Keep Your Dogs Active in Winters

  • Sniff and Win

Placing your high-value favourite treats with your pup around the home gears them up with full enthusiasm to get exciting rewards. Give them 2-3 hints of places where you have hidden the treat and ask them to ‘Find’. 

Now, let your little buddy sniff across the house to chase their rewards when they spot the right location. Reward them with a ‘Yes’ and enjoy their happy dance. Repeating this exercise with a few treats can sharpen up their brain and update them with their instincts to search for the goodies.

  • Hide and Seek

It is truly every dog’s favourite indoor game of all time! They are super happy to engage in this playful activity with their master every time. Hide yourself at a secret spot in your house and let your partner deviate their attention from seeking you. 

Stash yourself at the distant spot and ask someone to motivate them by shouting out your name or giving cues. Once they spot you, cuddle them with love and share praises by giving them a pet toy or accessory.

  • Dig and Win

Is your doggy fond of digging? Many pups like to move out of their houses and enjoy digging mud outside. Replicate this set-up by piling up old pillows or blankets to create their heap. Hide their favourite toy or pet food inside it. 

Command them with ‘dig’ and watch out for their efforts to find treats underneath. Dogs are really fond of digging, and they can engage in this activity for almost half an hour. Involve yourself in the game to distract them and continue the exercise until they are all charged up.

  • Puzzle Games

Go to a good pet supermarket, and you can find an array of dog puzzle toys that provide them with mental stimulation. For example, you can opt for a snuffle mat, which includes the pieces of fabric, and you need to collect them. 

If they like puzzle time, try out complex board games with pieces like Outward Hound or Nina Ottoson, where they have to move around, open boxes, and get rewards out of them. Once he’s well-versed with the basic puzzle sets, you can also go on to the advanced versions where they need to be arranged in a sequence. Such puzzle sets for dogs are an intriguing indoor game option!

  • Epic Obstacle Game

Do you want to keep it simple and cost-effective? Then, nothing beats the fun and excitement of the obstacle course for the dogs. We all have some old cartons or Amazon boxes lying in our backyards. Create a tunnel with these boxes and arrange a few hurdles that obviously do not hurt your pups, even if they tend to miss. 

A small box, footstool, books, snack box or broom in short intervals is a good track for the obstacle game. Now, invite your dog to complete the tunnel and keep a winning treat ready for them. You can also create a zig-zag pattern and let your dog stride around it a couple of times. 

Once they like these games, encourage them to complete rounds quicker, and this can enhance their agility. It can also serve as a great hobby for both.

  • Trick Training

Teaching your dog the basic tricks is a great way to keep them active mentally and also helps in curating a better bond. If they develop good concentration and learn to reinforce all your commands, it is a great achievement. Ask them to follow basic commands like stay, sit, lay down, or fetch and ensure they repeatedly understand them. 

Once they have a knack for this vocabulary, introduce them to tricks like roll over, wave, stand and sit, spin or play dead. Teach them eye contact when you call them names, as it’s a skill to seek your dog’s attention. Planning such small sessions can be a great way to keep them busy.

  • Keep Replacing the Dog Toys

No, we don’t mean you need to buy new dog toys every few weeks! Dogs tend to quickly get bored with the same items or toys in a few days. Dealing with this is possible when you give them only a couple of toys to play with at a time. 

Once they are bored, keep them in a box and replace them with the other two toys until the same repeats. This will retain their interest, and they would love to engage in tug-of-war-type games at home.

  • Name the Toys

Dogs hone a distinct ability to mug up large amounts of words, and this practice can prove beneficial in devising games for them. It is recommended to teach them the names of some toys and ask them to bring them to you. Many dogs might find it difficult and end up bringing the wrong item until they master this skill. It is an entertaining way to keep them involved for a long time inside the house.

  • Choose the Cup

This game is often played with children of young age as well. Take an object and hide it under one of the three before you move it around. Now, keep moving them until the pup is confused, and then allow them to rest in a line. 

Allow your dog to sniff it, and the moment he touches the right cup, lift and let him enjoy the treat beneath. Swap the cups in random order so that your dog beats the mental challenge of spotting the right cup.

Explore More Ways to Keep Your Dog Engaged!

Apart from the fun indoor games mentioned above, there’s always a broader scope to innovate and play new tricks with your pup at home. Activities that harness their mental strength and physical agility are worth considering when they do not move out. It develops a better bond between you and your dog as they no longer have to lie down in a dull mode while unable to step out on cold days. 

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Do not overfeed or overexert them, as it might make them feel bloated or frustrated. Write us your experimental ideas on indoor dog games that proved fruitful and helped spark up your pup’s eyes!