From Lockdown to Love: The Remarkable Journey of Speechless Animal Welfare Foundation in Rescuing and Reviving Precious Puppies

  • August 27, 2023
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From Lockdown to Love: The Remarkable Journey of Speechless Animal Welfare Foundation in Rescuing and Reviving Precious Puppies

Speechless Animal Welfare Foundation, a beacon of compassion and care, commenced its journey in January 2022, but its roots stretch back to the heart of a pandemic-induced lockdown. Amid the uncertainty, a simple act of kindness – feeding street animals – ignited a spark that would soon evolve into a profound mission. Here is their heart warming story of inception

During those lockdown days, our focus was solely on nourishing the vulnerable strays that roamed the streets. In an astonishingly short span, we found ourselves tending to the needs of over 100 dogs daily. It was during these tireless efforts that an alarming truth unveiled itself: a distressing number of puppies were perishing on the unforgiving roads, succumbing to illnesses and accidents.

A Humble Beginning, A Steep Learning Curve

This heart-wrenching revelation was a turning point. It propelled Ankulita Munot and her team to take more decisive action, to extend our shelter’s protection specifically to the innocent and fragile lives of puppies. And so, in January 2022, we birthed a haven dedicated solely to these vulnerable souls.

The inception wasn’t grandiose; it began with a modest space that could house merely four to five puppies at once. The journey was uncharted, and we embarked on it with a spirit brimming with compassion but little expertise. Over the course of six months, our learning curve soared. We delved into the intricate world of dogs and cats, unraveling the significance of vaccinations, decoding treatments that nurse them back to health, and imbibing the wisdom of nurturing these beings with unconditional love.

Transforming Lives Through Adoption

In half a year, we witnessed the heartwarming spectacle of 16+ adoptions. These successes became the fuel for our aspirations. The thought of expanding our horizons, of extending our haven’s embrace to accommodate more furry companions, took root. And so, in August 2022, we took a leap of faith and relocated to a larger shelter. A shelter that could provide solace and support to 15-20 puppies simultaneously.

Since then, our journey has unfolded like pages in a book filled with tales of compassion and resilience. With each passing day, we find ourselves driven by an unwavering commitment to our mission. We have witnessed the miracle of 50+ adoptions, each one carrying within it a story of transformation – from a state of vulnerability to one of hope and belonging.

A Journey Unfolding: Compassion and Resilience

Our purpose is simple yet profound: to rescue those who have no voice, no defense. We scoop up the forsaken puppies – the sick, the motherless, the injured, and the abandoned – and offer them a sanctuary. A place where healing begins, where health is restored through dedicated care and timely vaccinations. But our ultimate goal is to unite these brave souls with loving homes through adoption.

The pages of our journey are filled with both heartbreak and triumph. We’ve embraced the injured, nurtured the ailing, and witnessed the remarkable resilience of these animals. Each step reaffirms our belief in the power of compassion and the difference that a few dedicated individuals can make.

Healing Beyond Bounds: Extending Compassion and Care

In addition to our foundational work, our commitment to animal welfare extends to even the most dire of cases. Our shelter has become a haven for dogs battling tumors, head injuries, maggot wounds, and the aftermath of accidents. With unwavering dedication, we’ve stepped into the realm of healing, embracing the animals who need us the most.

A Symphony of Compassion: Collaborative Sterilization Drives

Our mission thrives on collaboration. In partnership with local NGOs, we orchestrate sterilization drives that echo with the rhythm of compassion. These initiatives are our way of making an enduring impact, curbing the cycle of suffering and homelessness among street animals.

A Shield of Protection: Free Vaccinations for Strays

The streets are home to countless furry souls, and we believe they deserve as much care and protection as any other. To this end, we offer free vaccinations to the street-dwelling puppies and dogs. To date, we’ve ensured the health and well-being of over 100 of these street companions through vaccinations.

Dreams Woven in Compassion: A Shelter’s Expanding Embrace

In the grand tapestry of life, we may be just a small thread, but we are woven with unwavering love and determination. Our journey continues, driven by the indomitable spirit of kindness and empathy. And as we pen each chapter, we remain steadfastly committed to the well-being and happiness of our speechless companions who grace our lives with their presence.

Adoption Stories

Sheru was found roaming on the streets all alone, He was scared and very shy. We brought him to our shelter and he was just so sweet that he immediately jelled up with other puppies in the shelter. Sheru stayed with us for a month. He was chubby and really sweet. His adoption brought tears to our eyes. But we were really happy that he got adopted in a very nice family. They had two children who absolutely loved dogs and Sheru is all happy in his new home now. 

Veera. She was stuck in a drainage pipe for almost 5-6 hours. She was taken out by a group of volunteers and taken to a vet. She was detected with Tick Fever. With Time she got better, she was the most obedient and fun-loving puppy we met. Finally, her day of adoption came and she was adopted to the most loving family. Thank you so much for giving her a place in your hearts.

Lily was a 2 years old Labrador who was abandoned on streets and was really looking for his owner . Lily was a very well behaved and obedient dog. She had no medical issues and was really fit. We put up a post for her adoption and since she was a lab plus was up for free adoption I received almost 50 calls for her. Half of them were breeders 🙁 But as good things take time , I found a perfect home and family for Lily. And she is living her life happily now

These are just few. Follow their Instagram page You can visit our website for more information

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