They say that some of the best journeys in life are the ones you take with a furry friend by your side. This couldn’t be truer in Gauri & Vijendra’s case. Their journey with Ash (husky) and Chica(English Creme Golden Retriever), has been nothing short of incredible. From the moment Ash came into their lives at the age of three, they knew we were in for an adventure like no other. In this blog, we’ll take you through their experiences of adopting an adult Husky and embarking on a journey that has taken them to the most picturesque places in India. This is the story of how wanderlust found its perfect companions in the form of Ash and Chica in the words of the duo.

Adopting Ash: A Perfect Fit from Day One

Our journey began when Ash joined our family at the age of three. We had always known that adopting an adult Husky would come with its own set of challenges, but little did we know that Ash would seamlessly blend into our lives from day one. It felt as though she had always been a part of our family, and her boundless energy was the perfect match for our four-month-old Chica. Their bond grew stronger with each passing day, and we couldn’t have asked for a better start to our life together.

The First Adventure: Murud and Mahabaleshwar

It didn’t take long for us to realize that Ash and Chica were more than just pets—they were our travel companions. Our first adventure together took us to the enchanting destinations of Murud and Mahabaleshwar. Chica was just four and a half months old, and Ash had been with us for only a month. This trip was a litmus test of sorts, and it gave us the confidence that there was no turning back. My husband, Vijendra, and I shared a deep love for travel, especially to offbeat places, and we had found the perfect travel partners in our fur babies.

Exploring the Beauty of India: From Maharashtra to Spiti Valley

From that point on, there was no stopping us. We embarked on a journey that took us to numerous places in Maharashtra, and we soon ventured into other states like Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh (including a memorable trip to Spiti Valley), Delhi, Karnataka, and Goa. Traveling with Ash and Chica became a way of life for us. It was as if the world had opened up in a whole new way, thanks to our adventurous fur-babies.

Prioritizing Our Fur Babies’ Comfort: A Must While Traveling

Traveling with dogs is an incredible experience, but it also comes with its unique challenges. Our top priority has always been the comfort and safety of Ash and Chica. This meant ensuring that every aspect of their journey was carefully planned. From the space in the car to their food and safety measures, nothing was left to chance. Through our experiences, we’ve learned valuable lessons that we’ve documented on our Instagram page and YouTube channel, with the hope that other pet parents can benefit from our insights.

A Change in Diet: Embracing Unimaginable Things for Love

Being a vegetarian, I initially faced a dilemma when it came to feeding our dogs. But as they say, love can make you do unimaginable things. I gladly embraced preparing meals that included tripe, trotters, heads, livers of buffalo, pork, mutton, duck, turkey, and even emu. The most challenging experience in this culinary journey was handling pork ears, a tale we’ve shared on our YouTube channel. All this was done because we wanted to provide a species-appropriate diet for Ash and Chica, and we’ve seen the girls thrive, free from medicines or unnecessary supplements.

Dealing with Challenges on the Road: Car Sickness, Stomach Upset, and More

Traveling with dogs brings its own set of challenges, including car sickness, stomach upsets, and tick and flea problems. To navigate these challenges, we’ve always kept a well-stocked medical kit on hand (after consulting our vet, of course). We’ve also taken preventive measures to make our journeys as smooth as possible. I vividly recall the first time Chica swam in the sea and ended up drinking salty water, leading to a bout of vomiting. It was a lesson learned, and now her name is synonymous with water, as she’s become a swimming enthusiast.

Safety First: Navigating Wildlife Encounters

While on our travels, we’ve had to be vigilant about encounters with other animals, such as snakes and leeches. Our watchful eye is always on Ash and Chica, ensuring their safety. Fresh water is provided at all times, and for situations when recall isn’t guaranteed, we keep them on a long leash. These precautions, along with practice and training, have made our journeys safer for everyone involved.

Trust in Canine Instincts: Building Confidence as a Pack

One of the most valuable lessons we’ve learned is to trust our dogs’ instincts. They are often more patient and intuitive than we are, and we rely on them to make decisions when it matters most. This trust has not only enhanced our bond with Ash and Chica but also increased our confidence as a pack. Traveling with them has taught us the importance of being in sync with our furry companions and understanding their needs.

Looking Ahead: The Hope for More Pet-Friendly Places

As our journey continues, we hope that more places will open their doors to four-legged travelers like Ash and Chica. Our dream is to explore even more destinations with them by our side, creating lasting memories and sharing our adventures with fellow pet parents. If you have any questions or need advice on traveling with your pets, please feel free to reach out to us on our Instagram account: @chicashadventures.


Our journey with Ash and Chica has been an extraordinary one, filled with love, adventure, and the joy of exploring new places together. We’ve grown as a family, overcome challenges, and cherished unforgettable moments along the way. Through this blog, we hope to inspire other pet parents to embark on their own adventures with their furry companions and create beautiful memories that will last a lifetime. As we look ahead to more adventures, we know that with Ash and Chica by our side, the possibilities are endless.

Team petfunda wishes the family many more travels and hope the article inspires more pet parents.