Welcome, pet parents! Are you looking for a perfect weekend getaway near Delhi to visit with your pooches? We’ve gathered some interesting destinations and a list of resorts to browse through for a gala time.

Pets also enjoy the change of place and exploring new spots like you do. So, why not take your furry travel companion for a fun time at exotic locations? 

Delhi is surrounded by lush green valleys, snowy peaks, and an abundance of nature’s wealth all around. Perhaps the biggest fuss is to spot pet-friendly resorts where your dog/cat can roam freely. It leaves you ample time to play around, cuddle them and spend hours in the lap of serenity.

So, let’s glance at the most breathtaking and luxurious resorts to explore around Delhi with your lovable pets.

5 Luxurious and Scenic Pet-Friendly Resorts to Visit Around Delhi

Spare a few days for your furry friend and rejuvenate with them at unexplored locations. If you are looking for suitable places around Delhi, here’s a list to mark until your next trip.

  1. Bikamp Aravalis Camp Resort

Bikamp Aravalis Camp-Resorts tops the list with its serene landscape and surreal picturesque. It is an immensely pet-friendly resort near Delhi that your pets would love to explore. Tucked in lush greenery at a distance of 200 Km from Delhi, ride for just 200 Km through serene views and within 4 hours, you’ll reach the destination. 

Bikamp Resort is a perfect retreat for every pet owner, covered by forest regions and beautiful Aravalli hills. The Resort nurtures a huge open play space for your puppies to jump and run, where you can leave them safe with the staff to take care of them. 

Meanwhile, you can also plan a day trip to Sariska from the camp and explore the location. You can book an insulated Yurt tent and engage in fun activities like football, badminton, cricket, carrom, volleyball, chess, etc. Explore camping and Bonfire at the Bikamp resort to spend a memorable vacation with your pets.

  1. Heritage Village Resort & Spa

Escape the hustle and bustle of Delhi city life by exploring the mystic Heritage Village resort & spa. It is a Rajasthani theme pet-friendly resort perfect for making your pets happy in open vistas. When you are rejuvenating yourself with exotic spa treatments, a trained pet-friendly staff will take care of your pets and ensure they’re having a party time.

  1. Emerald Trail, Bhimtal

Snuggled around the Himalayan ranges of Uttarakhand, this mesmerizing destination is a soul-soothing experience for you and your pets. Embrace the charm of old-village farms with subtle lifestyles and peaceful arenas around. Situated just 20 minutes of walk from the epic Bhimtak Lake, this Resort nestles many migratory birds from nearby forests.

Villagers at Emerald Trail are immensely humble and offer a pleasing approach to their paw buddies. Unleash their impeccable hospitality and let the pets wander in free lands to enjoy their time.

  1. The Taj Gateway Resort, Damdama Lake

Experience the luxury and enrich your soul with exquisite treatment at the Taj Gateway Resort near Damdama Lake. It is another favourite pet-friendly location near Delhi to pamper your pets and provide them with the ultimate luxury they deserve. Though expensive, the flattering treatment your pets can receive here is worth it.

Discover what they like and wish to enjoy by stepping for walks or flickering in water with the furry folks. They also have a professional pet-friendly staff to keep them engaged and entertained while you spare a few hours for a luxury spa.

  1. TopDog Luxury Pet Resorts

It is truly a perfect vacation spot near Delhi to visit with your dog. An exclusive luxury pet resort is extended to vast places and comprises ample facilities to groom your doggy with behavioural training, fun games, etc.

As the name hints, the Resort features a dedicated veterinary clinic to take care of your pets and ensure their good health. It is a perfect retreat to pamper your pets and give yourself a much-needed break!

Other Interesting Pet-Friendly Resorts Near Delhi to Not Miss Out On!

  • Baghaan Orchard Retreat
  • Sim Bliss Farm
  • The Retreat by Walias
  • Awesome Farmstays
  • Elephant Brook Resort, Rishikesh

Escape the bustling routine of Delhi and experience tranquillity alongside your adorable pets at rustic locations that serve as a treat to the eyes. Get ready to unwind at the meticulously picked pet-friendly resorts which offer immense relaxation for you and your little four-legged buddy.

Quick List of Pet-Friendly Resorts Around Delhi to Explore!

Are you willing to avoid the drive with pets and yet enjoy the resort comfort near Delhi? We have interesting resorts with pet-friendly staff for a quaint weekend getaway.

  • The Roseate- Drive through the NH-8 at the Delhi-Gurgaon border to explore the verdant expanses of Samalkha to reach the Roseate resort. Close yet distant from the city clutter, the classy architecture of this place beckons serene ambiance and invigorating trails. The Resort allows pets under 15kgs and pampers furry pets with pet bowls and dedicated beds for a hassle-free stay.
  • Vivanta Surajkund, NCR- Situated at the Shooting Range Road, Surajkund, Faridabad, the Vivanta resort is a serene haven assimilating luxury and nature in one weave. Guests can enjoy spa and cultural performances and cherish holistic wellness experiences. Pets are valued guests here, and there are designated pet-friendly walking trails for them to enjoy open spaces.
  • ITC Grand Bharat- Located at the P.O. Hasanpur, Tauru, Gurugram, the ITC Grand Bharat bestows unmatchable lavishness and is a perfect choice for pet-friendly resorts near Delhi. It is a heritage property offering cultural legacy and luxury suites that exude class. The phenomenal Resort welcomes pets weighing under 50 kg and charges nominally for their accommodation. Your dog can enjoy dedicated pet amenities, beds, and food, allowing them to experience the utmost comfort.

Other pet-friendly resorts close to Delhi vicinity!

  • Golden Tulip Suites Gurgaon
  • The Westin Sohna Resort & Spa
  • Surajgarh Farms and Resort
  • The Lalit Mangar

Why are Pet-Friendly Resorts a Perfect Choice?

Even pets strive for a change and get refreshed with outdoor activities and pampering at resorts. It is indeed a pleasant experience for them and owners, too. Exceptional facilities are available at dedicated hotels, like water bowls, toys, and pet food for your furry friends. This can keep them engaged and prevent the fuss of food arrangement and convenience.

Such resorts also have ample open vistas to walk and play with your pets instead of cooping into the rooms themselves. It’s a delightful experience, and there are daycare services as well to ensure they don’t leave you unattended while you are out for sightseeing!

Have you made up your mind for the Best Resort?

Pet-friendly resorts near Delhi, compiled above, can be a handy list to make your pups feel refreshed every few months. It is enticing to watch them enjoying the luxuries of a resort without anyone getting uncomfortable around them.

The above locations value pet-friendly families and understand what it means to unite over a short trip amongst each other. Watch out for the pet-related hotel policy in detail before making any bookings. 

Brag on your next pet-travel trips and re-discover their free souls by accompanying them to mesmerizing places!