Are you excited for some paws and passport movement? Traveling across India with your little furry friends can also be intimidating and exciting! We’ve compiled a comprehensive guide on all you must know before planning for pet relocation abroad from India.

International travel with a pet or pet relocation from India to abroad can be for several reasons like business, travel, or a permanent job shift. Pet adoption is also a primary reason for making them travel to a new location. It is indeed soothing to have them around you after a hectic day schedule, and that’s why most pet parents carry their furry flyers wherever they go!

However, the biggest concern here is to complete the legalities and safe travel of your lovely pets without discomforting them. Are you aware of the process, limitations, and regulations related to the international journey? Let’s study the technicalities in detail.

Two Main Types of International Pet Transportation

  1. International Pet Transport Import

This refers to bringing your pets to India from any other foreign country globally.

  1. International pet transport export

This refers to shifting your pets to travel overseas from India.

Whether moving your puppies or kittens to another country or bringing them back, the basic requirements must be duly fulfilled. This includes essential documentation, seeking permits, and complying with other guidelines.

The pet parents have a lot of homework to do here, and along with adhering to the basic norms, they also need to check through the guidelines of selected airlines for pet travel. Making all arrangements and aligning them in favor of your pet’s comfort and convenience is a skeptical thing to do.

List of Documents You Need for International Pet Transport

Keep this checklist handy while planning for a pet relocation to another country.

  1. Passport Details- Pet owners must keep their passports ready along with the airway tickets, the visa copy, and all mandatory details required for the pet export from India.
  2. Residence Proof- For generating the import permit, residence details, and the proof is essential for verifying your stay in India for at least 2 years. For export, you need a transfer of residence proof before shifting them to another nation.
  3. Pet Transport Documentation- All main fields, such as pet photographs and their personal detailing like the age, size, breed, and other relevant information, are essential to move.
  4. Pet Crate- IATA-approved crates are essential for hassle-free pet transport from India to overseas. It is mandatory to restrict the pet’s movement during air travel, and the department won’t allow the pets to fly without being fixed into the right crate. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has dedicated the fiber crate for pet travel for several regulatory and safety reasons. Selection of the right crate is essential to ensure the comfort and safety of your pets for long air travel.
  5. In-Cabin Vs. Cargo- Some international airways prefer to take pets overseas in the cabin, while others dedicate cargo. It is advisable to choose the pet-friendly airline as it has a pressure-controlled and temperature-managed bay, making it safer than the cabin. Informing the airlines well in advance about the required modifications for secure pet travel is essential.
  6. Proper Documentation- Pet parents have to prepare the essential documents and ensure their submission to the Animal Quarantine and Certification Service (AQCS) or the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), depending on relocation requirements. Plan an appointment with AQCS to get the export NOC for it.
  7. NOC (No Objection Certificate)- NOC is another essential document for the pet transfer. To obtain this document, a quarantine period is ascertained to ensure your pet’s health and ensure they don’t carry any infectious disease. It facilitates their smooth transfer.
  8. Vaccination Record-Keeping your pets’ vaccine records handy is essential as they play the role of their passport, and thus, it is crucial to secure them properly. Ensure you have a complete vaccine record attested by the veterinary expert and the health certificate affixed to it.
  9. Rabies Titer Test- This test is compulsory to ensure a safe furry fly to overseas from India. India falls into the category of a high-rabies proximity country, and the outcomes of the titer test, along with existing pet vaccination records, can help in the hassle-free journey for pets.
  10. Health Certificate- Take your pet to a certified veterinarian to ensure their health and seek their fit-to-fly certificate.
  11. Pet Microchip- Pet Microchip is an unavoidable step of pet transport to other nations as it’s the primary ID proof of your pet. Most countries consider microchips an essential import requirement to provide the NOC. Standard, non-encrypted microchips in the 15-digit range are globally accepted.
  12. Pet-Friendly Transfers to Airport- Pet owners must ensure comfortable pet transfers to the airport in specialized vehicles available for them. Book a pet taxi or seek assistance from a professional pet relocation company to make all arrangements on your behalf.

A Few Important Points to Remember for Pet Transport to Another Country

  • Selected airports in India allow pet import/export facilities, namely, Bangalore, Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, and Chennai.
  • Pets can be sent or received through the airport only, which grants you the permit from its AQCS office.
  • Pets are accepted for transport only if you comfortably keep them in a crate, cage, kennel, or bag.
  • All airlines have paperwork and policies for transporting furry companions to other nations. A few common ones are:
  • Pet relocation at your risk
  • Pet parents must carry a valid health certificate and vaccination records.
  • For canine friends, the kennel not exceeding 46 cm/18 in x 46 cm/18 in x 30 cm/12 in is acceptable.
  • In-cabin pets weighing under 5 kg/11 lb are allowed, while those under 32 kg/70 lb can be carried in check-in baggage.
  • Pets weighing more than 32 kg/70 lb must be carried through the cargo.
  • Your pet should be at least 8 weeks old to fly in the air, and pregnant pets are usually not permitted for safety reasons.
  • Most flights will allow up to 2 pets in the cabin.
  • Passenger seats cannot be utilized to carry along your pets.

The above guidelines and points might differ slightly, subject to travel time, conditions, and the chosen airlines.

Important Rules and Regulations for Flying Your Pets to Specific Regions


  • Pets are not granted permits to travel in check-in baggage or the cabin at Ultra Long Haul (ULH) direct flights. If they allow it in some cases, ensure that your furry companion is properly muzzled, leashed, and vaccinated.
  • US CDC’s written approval is mandatory for transporting services from high-risk countries. You can get more details on it by visiting the CDC website.
  • No provision is available for emotionally soothing pets on flights.

Middle-East and Gulf Nations

  • If your pets are transiting across Middle Eastern nations, the birds’ carriage is strictly prohibited in flight or with check-in baggage.
  • In some cases, birds might be allowed in cabin or check-in luggage specific to the selected flights from India to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and other nations.
  • UAE adheres to the international pet travel norms of the IATA’s Live Animals Regulations (LARS).

Concluding Thoughts on International Pet Transit

The above-stated rules, regulations, documentation, and prohibitions are highly subjective to present updates and individual airline policies. India, as well as the countries your pet friends are traveling to, might issue additional guidelines or imply relaxation in their existing pet travel policies anytime!

It is advisable to scout through the guidelines in detail before making bookings for the furry flyers and pepping up for the journey. You can also seek assistance from professional pet relocation companies who offer end-to-end solutions for safe pet transport. Browse across the most reputed options online and make your selection!

Happy Fly Time for Your Pets!