How to Give Pills to Your Dogs? – Vet-Reviewed Tips and Tricks!

Is giving your pets the medicines a royal battle? Dogs and other pets are resilient to oral pill administration, but it’s necessary when vets recommend it. However, a few fortunate dog owners might have pets who easily swallow the pills as prescribed. The Internet is flooded with images and funny stories depicting the struggle to […]

Fearful Cats and Vet Visits: Helping Your Feline Friend Feel at Ease

When it comes to your beloved furry companion, cats are known for their mysterious and independent nature. But there are moments in your cat’s life also that bring out the hidden anxieties, and one of those moments is a visit to the veterinarian. Just like asking, even cats might experience fear and anxiety. As a […]

Five cat accessories every cat owner should have

While not as hot as Selina Kyle, every cat is adorable – or that at least is the philosophy of all cat lovers. All cat ladies and gentlemen like having them as pets. Unlike dogs, cats tend to show a freer nature, and we all know there are more cat pics online than there are […]